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Fungi Non Delineati - Part 76-78 Agaricus L. from European mediterranean countries

Auteur Cappelli A. en Parra Sánchez L. A.
Rubriek code Baf 013/76
Jaargang 2022
Land Herkomst IT
Taal EN
Inhoud / beschrijving

​The following sections are described and illustrated in this book:Agaricussez.Bivelares, Agaricussez.Chitonioides, Agaricussez.Xanthodermatei, Agaricussez.Hondenses, Agaricus sez. Sanguinolenti, Agaricus sez. Bohusia, Agaricus sez. Nigrobrunnescentes, Agaricus sez. Lanosi, Agaricus sez. Agaricus, Agaricus sez. Rarolentes, Agaricus sez. Spissicaules, Agaricus sez. Subrutilescentes, Agaricus sez. Arvenses, Agaricus sez. Minores. The majority of the species are sequenced and represented with illustrations that come from original description of the species.