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Studying the Discomycetes from initiation to advanced levels

Auteur Dougoud René
Rubriek code Asc 046
Jaargang 2024
Locatie KVMV
Land Herkomst FR
Taal EN
Inhoud / beschrijving

Studying the Discomycetes from initiation to advanced levels by Dougoud, R. with collaboration of Jean-Paul Priou & Nicolas Van Vooren and by Preface M. Hairaud. 

​This richly illustrated manual is aimed at beginners and more experienced mycologists alike, covering all levels of study of the ascomycetes known as Discomycetes, mainly the Helotiales, Pezizales and Orbiliales. (From Helvella to Lachnum, from Peziza to CiboriaMollisiaHymenoscyphusScutellinia and so on). Where and how to collect them, what to look out for, what literature to consult? The explanations, advice, photos and drawings will help you to approach and describe these fascinating mushrooms, which are often neglected because of a lack of a complete and practical method available to date.