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Sterbeeckia 15   01 / 1990

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Inhoud Sterbeeckia 15, 1990


DE MYCOFLORA VAN HET ZOERSELBOS, Antonissen; A. de Haan; M. de Haan; H. De Meulder; K. Van de Put       5



From mycological investigations of the Zoerselbos area (Prov. Antwerpen, Belgium) which began in 1982, 1316 macrofungi and Myxomycetes have been identified. As an illustration of the mycological richness of the Zoerselbos region, 65 interesting or rare species of Myxomycetes, Ascomycetes, Aphy/lophorales and Heterobasidiomycetes are described. Macro- and microscopie drawings and some photographs are presented. The other orders of the Basidiomycetes will be dealt with in future publications. New or rare species for Belgium among other Myxomycetes are 0/igonema fulvum with aberrant decoration of the elaters, Diderma globosum, Didymium anellus and Didymium serpula, the latter with vesicular elements in the capillitium. lnteresting Ascomycetes such as Pseudoplectania nigrel/a, Ascocoryne solitaria, Velutarina rufo-olivacea with temporary apiculate spores and Ber/esiella nigerrima, also new for Belgium, are presented. Remarkable is the presence of crystals in the metulae of Coryne albida. Among the Aphyllophorales, the investigations noted a high frequency of Dacryobolus karstenii. The occurence of both Jaapia argillacea and Jaapia ochroleuca are noteworthy. Field-work has provided the first collections in Belgium of Archoomyces vestitus and Calocera pallido-spathulata. The latter is the first reported discoveryin the European mainland. In Dacrymyces torlus the same loop-like clamps as in D. macnabbii were found. The presence of septate spores in Cejpomyces terrigenus and the absence of clamps in the very rare Tulasnella cystidiophora are confirmed.